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  • Nature is always layered, there’s a strong sense of belonging, petals to flowers, flowers to leaves, leaves to branches...This stunning bodice top was inspired by the many magical layers of nature. Made of silk lace applied onto a tulle based fabric decorated with beads and pearls to give a subtle shine to this design. The ivory crépe fabric base gives a harmonious background.

    This separate fishtail skirt is made of ivory crépe fabric and elastic silk lining to ensure that all the fabrics follow graciously the soft curves of the bride.

    This fishtail skirt can be substituted with a shorter design for comfort or dancing. This just-above-the-knee length skirt is made of two layers of very soft and densely woven tulle fabric on top of a silk lining.

Each look of our collections are designed to have a separate bodice top and a detachable skirt. All our bodice tops are in perfect harmony with our skirts so they can be combined in various ways to reflect the bride’s personality and style.


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