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Our Story

   Our Designer  

Our Dubai based Head Designer, Edith Szogradi had always been fascinated by fashion and design. Originally an architect, Edith has over 15 years’ experience in Haute Couture, beginning her career alongside Italian fashion designers while studying and working in Milan.


One day she was asked to design a wedding dress for a friend and fell in love with the creative job of drawing sketches, talking through the details, choosing fabrics. She realised how other women should be able to get the same unique experience and enjoy the journey of creating their very own wedding dresses thus the idea was born and the company Leya Marini was created with herself as Head Designer.


Now she designs wedding dresses for brides all over the world as our made-to-measure bridal collections are available worldwide. Brides get the opportunity to meet with Edith online and share their dreams and ideas with her as well as get personalised advice.

  Our Work  

We cater for women seeking something unique and meticulously crafted. Our attention is exceptionally sensitive to our clients’ requirements. Our seamstresses have over 20 years of experience with handcrafted wedding gowns.


We encourage our brides to become an intimate part of the design process, working one-on-one with our Head Designer, so that their finished dress is unique to them, and unlike any other dress in the world. We believe that beauty is in the detail, which is why we pay close attention to each woman’s finest features, so that their dress truly brings out the best in them.


Most of our brides fall in love with one of Edith’s made-to-measure creations, then book a consultation with her to add their own ideas to the design. In the end brides get not only a perfect wedding dress but also the experience of being part of the design process.

  Our Mission  

We take pride in employing seamstresses under fair labour conditions, fully respecting their huge contribution towards our success.


Our goal is to bring awareness to consumers to encourage them to consider the circumstances under which their clothes are being produced to fight against unacceptable conditions in the garment industry worldwide.


To improve garment labour conditions worldwide we need a collective effort where designers, suppliers and most importantly consumers choose to purchase and wear clothes that were made by happy seamstresses working under fair conditions. Join our efforts and make a difference today!

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