Made-to-measure Collections


Fairy Tale


Inspired by the whimsical nature of magical fairies, a soft and gentle collection in terms of colours, fabrics and styles. A playful flow of feminine and modern designs that awakens the inner magic and fairy nature of the bride the moment she steps into her very own dream gown.

Soft tulles and organzas let themselves be picked up by a breeze and be carried away as they gently flow with every step of the bride, creating a perfect harmony between movement and design, just the way a breeze moves through a forest...



"Only Nature itself can create such perfect shapes and patterns that are a true inspiration for design and art." 

Edith Szogradi


A bridal collection inspired by the many different layers of nature, how the countless random little details all together create perfection and a fully complete and balanced unity. All our lace appliqués are carefully selected and they represent the floral patterns of Nature, they vary in sizes and shapes, without being perfect alone, but whole and complete when united.




Our first Made-to-measure bridal collection where all our tops and skirts are separates which gives brides the unique opportunity and freedom to create a match that reflects best their own personality and style.


The collection was inspired by Moments in our lives, showing all the feminine characteristics: tenderness, sensuality, strength, spark...These are the moments that define our lives and that come to life in the exquisite designs of the Moments collection.